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IDockContainer Interface

Any dockable entity needs to implement this inteface

Implemented by

DraggableContainer, FillDockContainer, PanelContainer, ResizableContainer, SplitterDockContainer


Code Element get containerElement() #

Element get containerElement();

Code void destroy() #

void destroy();

Code int get height() #

int get height();

Code void loadState(Map<String, Object> state) #

void loadState(Map<String, Object> state);

Code int get minimumAllowedChildNodes() #

Indicates the minimum allowed child nodes a composite dock panel can have If it's children fall below this value, the composite panel is destroyed and it's children are moved one level up

int get minimumAllowedChildNodes();

Code void performLayout(List<IDockContainer> children) #

void performLayout(List<IDockContainer> children);

Code void resize(int _width, int _height) #

void resize(int _width, int _height);

Code void saveState(Map<String, Object> state) #

void saveState(Map<String, Object> state);

Code void setActiveChild(IDockContainer child) #

void setActiveChild(IDockContainer child);

Code int get width() #

int get width();


Code String containerType #

String containerType;

Code String name #

String name;